Hilbert Investment Solutions Introduces 3 Stock Defensive Autocall Issue 8

London-, Paris-, Brussels-, and Luxembourg-based structured product provider Hilbert Investment Solutions has introduced 3 Stock Defensive Autocall Issue 8, a structured product designed for retail investors seeking fixed growth returns and a degree of capital protection even if the share price of its underlying assets were to fall in value.

The structured product is linked to the performance of BP PLC, British American Tobacco PLC and Legal & General PLC. The plan, measured semi-annually, aims to provide clients with a fixed growth return of up to 15 per cent per year (7.5 per cent for each semi-annual measurement date).
3 Stock Defensive Autocall Issue 8 is a seven-year product that includes an early maturity feature, so it has the potential to mature as early as 20 June 2022 or on any semi-annual measurement date from that point.
The plan will mature early if the closing levels of all three of the underlying assets are at least equal to the relevant reference Level for that date.
If this happens, investors can expect to receive a fixed growth return, equal to 7.5 per cent times the number of semi-annual periods that have passed since the start of the plan (to the point that the early maturity feature is triggered). They will also be repaid their original investment in full at this point.
Hilbert’s Head of UK distribution, Dasale Mallawa-Arachi, says: “We designed this product off the back of many enquiries from UK IFAs for defensive autocall investments. We have seen an increase in demand since the market leader Investec ceased its structured product offerings in April; this year.”
Hilbert’s founder Steve Lamarque says: “Our previous tranches have performed very well for clients.”
“I’m confident that 3 Stock Defensive Autocall Issue 8 will again help many investors to achieve their financial goals in the near future.”

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