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Protect 90

Retirement Protect 90 aims to grow your assets and limit downside risk
by protecting up to 90% of the money you invest with us.

Powerful Investment Performance,
90% Capital Protection

Hilbert Investment Solutions specialise in shielding investment portfolios from the unpredictability of financial markets while offering scope for growth with clear future outcomes, based on investors’ attitudes to risk. 

It’s often said that without risk, there’s no reward, and in today’s economic landscape, keeping pension pots safe while growing the value of the assets is becoming increasingly challenging for savers and investors.

Hilbert Retirement Protect 90 is our fully flexible retirement solution designed for this purpose. It’s a registered Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) that aims to grow your money for retirement while protecting 90% of the money invested with us.

Through our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS), we invest your assets in such a way that provides upside potential combined with downside protection. We achieve this by dynamically allocating your assets between a performance basket and a conservative basket, depending on whether the financial market is buoyant or unpredictable.

For more information, please contact a member of our sales team on +44 20 3808 7138 email contact@hilbert-is.com, or fill out the form below.

Why choose Retirement Protect 90?

Peace of Mind

90% of the money invested with us is protected, due to our insurance contract with a primary insurance company part of the Munich Re Group, which helps us meet our financial liabilities towards our customers.


Access to money at any time with the freedom to start or stop your income, increase or decrease the amount received, and switch between the Secure Income Option and Secure Capital Option.

Investment Performance

We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and bespoke asset allocation guidance from BlackRock to grow the value of assets, backed by a robust algorithm that adjusts the investment mix based on how the financial market is performing.

Growth Lock-In's

We lock in investment growth on a quarterly basis, both pre-and post-retirement, while the funds remain invested.

No Fixed Term

There is no set term with Hilbert Retirement Protect 90, you can have access to your money at any moment in time.

how to apply

Our products and services are only available via Financial Advisers.
We believe in the value of advice to ensure customers get the right solutions fit for their individual needs.

Investors can contact their advisers to find out more about Hilbert Retirement Protect 90. 
Alternatively, if they haven’t got an adviser then they can find one by visiting 

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