Derivatives Hedging Services

Hilbert hedging Services consists of various solutions, for asset managers, asset owners, corporates and banks, investing securities can be managed with transactions either manually, or systematically with standing instructions, or with a combination of both. These transactions are purely technical and leave the portfolio or fund with an exposure of the value of theĀ assets. When Hilbert acts as custodian, it is possible to set up standing instructions for principal and income.

Back Office Services

All clients have access to their daily and monthly statements either via email every time a trade is executed or through Infinity , which is a simple to use web-based system providing our clients with access to statements and in-depth account information.

Trade Execution

We give our clients direct assistance in their trading operations.

We offer our clients direct market access. By phone or mail, we inform our customers on market conditions, live from our trading floor.

Structured Managed Accounts

Together we establish a personalised and detailed risk profile. This investment profile takes into account all the specifics that you might have in terms of investments : your performance target, your appetite for risk, your time horizon of investment , your needs and your financial obligations, your tax obligations as well as your personal preferences, such as ethics, the environment and the social responsibility.

Once defined, we implement a dedicated investment strategy with defined outcomes.

Bespoke Solutions

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