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Hilbert Investment Solutions specialises in the design and distribution of Structured investment products and Structured deposits to meet the needs of Retail, high net worth and Institutional clients.

From our offices in both Paris and London our highly experienced team aim to partner globally with IFA’s, large Institutions and Private banking teams to offer innovative products in accordance to the client’s risk profile and current market conditions.

At Hilbert we believe research should be the foundation of a great product, primarily that the research needs to be clear and impartial and in turn letting the research process drive the product design not the other way around.

Hilbert Investment Solutions specialises in the engineering of structured solutions for all types of underlying: equities, rates, credits and commodities.

We design and provide access to a wide range of innovative products available for Wealth Managers.

Hilbert is an independent company, created to design and market innovative financial products to meet the expectations of heritage businesses and clients. Our preferred partners are Independent Asset Management Advisors, Institutional Asset Managers and Private Investment Managers.

Our values


We recognised that not everyone has the same investment needs. This means we follow a more flexible approach to developing and delivering products, working with a range of issuers to help you match your clients’ needs more closely. And if we do not have a product available to meet those needs, we can work with you to provide a bespoke solution that does.


Relationships are built on trust, and we want you and your clients to put your trust in Hilbert. We commit to being fully transparent on our procedures, our research and our fees so you can be confident that your dealings with us are honest and based on high ethical standards.


The way we do business and think about investments is different. We do not just want to offer products that have worked well for your clients in the past. We want to look forward, pushing beyond boundaries with innovative solutions, inspired by our high quality research.


Good ideas do not need to be complicated. Often, a simple idea can be the most effective. We believe that the delivery of our ideas should be equally as simple, and we can provide you with educational tools and specialist support so that advising clients on our products is as straightforward as possible.

Our services

Structured Financing

Global financing solutions with an expertise for complex transactions.

Actuarial valuation

Our actuaries and Financial Engineers provide a tailored approach.

Trade Execution

Direct assistance in trading operations & Direct market access.

Structured Managed Accounts

Dedicated investment strategies related to a personalised risk profile

Tailored Structured Products

Design of tailored Structured Investments that meet specific requirements

Bespoke Discretionary Service

Active management of Structured Investments

Our structured products

3 Stock Defensive Autocall

Up to 7 years. However, the Plan can mature early from the first semi annual observation date, if certain criteria are met (see "Early Maturity" below)

The share price of Barclay's Plc, Aviva Plc, Vodafone Group PIc as listed on the London Stock Exchange ('The Shares')

Citigroup Global Markets Funding Luxembourg S.C.A. ('Citigroup')

Hilbert Investment Solutions / The Bank of New York Mellon

Capital Gains Tax

We will receive a one-off distribution fee of 2.5% on average. This is to cover our costs for marketing the Plan. No part of this free is used to pay a financial adviser

2019/20 ISA deadline: 3rd April 2020
2020/21 ISA deadline: 15th April 2020
If you are transferring an existing ISA: 8th April 2020
If you are paying by cheque: 8th April 2020
If you are paying by bank transfer: 15th April 2020

16th April 2020. This is the date that the Opening Levels of the Underlying Assets are recorded (the official closing levels).

4th May 2027

All client assets are registered with The Bank of New York Mellon in the name of either our nominee, Hilbert Investment Solutions Nominees Limited or in the name any other nominee approved by us or in our name.


Hilbert investment Solutions Nominees Limited is a nontrading wholly owned subsidiary of Hilbert Investment Solutions. Unless alternative custodial arrangements are agreed, your Securities will be held collectively in an account with The Bank of New York Mellon and, although the amount of Securities that you hold will be recorded and separately identified by the Plan Manager, your holding may not be identifiable by separate documents or certificates of title. Therefore, in the event of default, any shortfall in the Securities may be shared pro rata among all investors in the Plan whose Securities are held with The Bank of New York Mellon.

Our team

Structuring and Research

Steve Lamarque


Dasale Mallawa-Arachi

Head of UK Distribution

Xavier Millischer

Head of FR Distribution

François Zagamé

Head of Research

Zak de Mariveles

Executive Director

Hugues Berthier

Institutional Sales

Boumediene Boutelaa

Institutional Sales

Operations and Support

Isabel Lemes

Head of Compliance

Sandrine Capdevert

Head of FR Operations

Dean Boyce

Head of UK Operations

Georgina Perry

Clearing and Custody Associate

Sarder Iftekhar

Head of IT /
Full Stack Developer

Tatiana Choisy

Front-end Developer /
UI Designer

Clément Cohen Tanugi

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