Hilbert Investment Solutions specialises in the design and distribution of Structured Investment products and Structured Deposits to meet the needs of Retail Advisers, High Net Worth and Institutional clients.

Forward-thinking investments

At Hilbert, our mission is simple. We want to give your clients more. More choice. More innovation. More possibilities. We aim to look beyond the investment solutions currently offered in the market, instead drawing inspiration from our research to design products that are forward thinking.

We will provide you with an exemplary service to make sure you have all the information you need to distribute our products, including high quality research that explains the rationale behind our ideas and tools to help clients better understand how they can fit within their investment portfolios.

Intelligent Trusted Solutions

David Hilbert is widely recognised as one of the most influential mathematicians of the twentieth century.

He was preeminent in various fields, including axiomatic theory, algebraic number theory and functional analysis.
We draw our inspiration from David Hilbert when designing financial products, in particular his insights into the concept of infinity.

Our aim is always to push beyond existing boundaries and provide our clients with relevant and innovative solutions.

Innovative and Thoughtful Solutions

By offering a broader, more innovative choice of products, we are giving you the chance to differentiate yourselves, by helping clients with more specialist investment needs.

Whether it is a need to meet a specific performance target, to match a particular appetite for risk or to satisfy ethical, environmental or social responsibility expectations, if we do not offer a product that meets your clients’ needs, just ask.

We are happy to work with you to make sure your clients have access to the right products for them.

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    ►We recognised that not everyone has the same investment needs. This means we follow a more flexible approach to developing and delivering products, working with a range of issuers to help you match your clients’ needs more closely. And if we do not have a product available to meet those needs, we can work with you to provide a bespoke solution that does.

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    ►The way we do business and think about investments is different. We do not just want to offer products that have worked well for your clients in the past. We want to look forward, pushing beyond boundaries with innovative solutions, inspired by our high quality research.

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    ►Relationships are built on trust, and we want you and your clients to put your trust in Hilbert. We commit to being fully transparent on our procedures, our research and our fees so you can be confident that your dealings with us are honest and based on high ethical standards.

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    ►Good ideas do not need to be complicated. Often, a simple idea can be the most effective. We believe that the delivery of our ideas should be equally as simple, and we can provide you with educational tools and specialist support so that advising clients on our products is as straightforward as possible.

To speak to one of our team about how our solutions can help you, please call us on +44(0) 208 318 1742.

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